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Teacher, Author, Drama Practitioner

My name is Margaret Branscombe and I work as a literacy intervention teacher and drama practitioner. I am involved with a range of educational cross-disciplinary and drama based community projects. I have a PhD in Literacy Studies and a research interest in using drama across the curriculum. My book, 'Teaching Through Embodied Learning' (Routledge, 2019) describes the application of drama with non-fiction texts. I am a member of the United Kingdom Literacy Association and the National Association for the Teaching of Drama. If you have a project that you think we could collaborate on, please contact me.



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English Teachers' Conference

In July I will deliver an online workshop about dramatising literary devices in the secondary curriculum.



I am writing a minibook for teachers on teaching a knowledge rich curriculum through drama. Published by the United Kingdom Literacy Association

In Action

Working with particle physicists to make particle collision accessible for ALL students through drama.




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In my book, 'Teaching Through Embodied Learning' I describe how to use drama  alongside information texts and across the curriculum to get students out of their desks and MOVING!

 Visit Amazon or Routledge to order a copy TODAY!

Branscombe, M. Living in a Material World (Using drama to learn about 'materials' in the KS2 science curriculum). Teaching Drama, Autumn 1, 2017/18. Download here

Branscombe, M. Digestive drama! Using drama and movement to learn about bones, muscles, nutrition and digestion in the KS2 science curriculum. Teaching Drama, Autumn 1, 2016/17. Download here.


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