My name is Margaret Branscombe and I am an experienced teacher who has taught primary, secondary and undergraduate students in the UK and the USA. I have a PhD in Literacy Studies and a research interest in using drama across the curriculum. I am a literacy intervention teacher at a secondary school in Surrey and I also work as an independent drama practitioner. I am involved with a range of cross-disciplinary and arts based projects. I am a member of the United Kingdom Literacy Association and the National Association for the Teaching of Drama.
My full list of publications are:
Branscombe, M. (2019). Teaching Through Embodied Learning: Dramatising Key Concepts from Informational Texts. Routledge, UK.
Branscombe, M. & Schneider, J. J. (2018). Accessing teacher candidates' pedagogical intentions and imagined teaching futures through drama and arts-based structures. Action in Teacher Education. Download here
Branscombe, M. Living in a Material World (Using drama to learn about 'materials' in the KS2 science curriculum). Teaching Drama, Autumn 1, 2017/18. Download here.
Branscombe, M. Digestive drama! Using drama and movement to learn about bones, muscles, nutrition and digestion. Teaching Drama, Autumn 1, 2016/17. Download  here.
Branscombe, M. ‘Oliver’ by Birgitta Sif. Teaching Drama, Autumn 2, 2016/17. Download here.
Branscombe, M. (November/December, 2015). Showing not telling: Tableau as an embodied text. The Reading Teacher. Download here
Anderson, A., Branscombe, M., Nkrumah, T. (2015). Blocked thresholds: Three stories of identity, embodied literacy, and participatory education. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, [Online] 11(2)
Branscombe, M. & Schneider, J. J. (2013). Embodied discourse: Using tableau to explore preservice teachers’ reflections and activist stances. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 9(1), 95-113. Download here
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